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Hellingly Mental Asylum

Site visit account

Site visit account
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Hellingly mental asylum - site visit 2004

Upon arriving at the village of Hellingly we set out to the asylum armed with generous directions in ye olde country mile kindly provided by the mega helpfull bus driver,after a while it became abundantly clear such directions where somewhat generous in terms of distance.About a hour later and very out of breath we finally reached the outskirts of Hellingly asylum and after a celebratory fag each we pressed on,the first building we encountered was some kind of garage complete with stolen motorbike presumably dumped there by local neds.There is something impressive about the sight of a water tower looming on the horizon - we was there !!,part of the site is used to house the criminally insane which put us on edge and instilled in us an added sense of caution.T Bag B was kind enough to inform me that a few days previous someone had escaped so with roaming inmates and suspicious locals in mind we walked into the grounds,as i say this site is badly smashed up and the worst example of this was the admin block which was fenced off and missing its roof- given the structural instabilty it wasnt a good target for infiltration.All of the buildings where fenced off with very few access points,in fact there was  only place where infiltration looked possible but T Bag B was getting twitchy about the presence of local dog walkers who where in his terms"nosey Daily Mail readers"-i got him to keep watch while,i sneaked in and squeezed off a few shots through a open window.These formed perhaps the most poignant shots of all with suitcases scattered about the floor that we asumed belonged to some poor soul that had been a inmate while the hospital was still open,whilst  wandering the perimeter a little more we took a few more pictures before leaving very satisfied and looking forward to a return visit.

This hobby can be very dangerous - we know the risks and accept them,we take no responsibility for anyone who gets injured/arrested while exploring themselves.


Like i say we do hope to return one day and further document Hellingly asylum.if we do then i will update as soon as i can,